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TV Camera


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Experience video calls at their absolute best with the Samsung TV Camera.

Video calls via services like Skype™ take on new levels of sharpness and brilliance, especially with two built-in microphones that pick up on every word.

And with high-quality video, the camera captures every detail with great clarity, so catching up with friends and family will be a far more immersive and rewarding experience.

You can even be connected to video calls while watching TV – on mute. Now enjoy video calling and turn watching TV into a social event.

VG-STC3000-XC-47-1 Cropped croppedThanks to the Samsung TV Camera for HD video calls, adding a camera to your television no longer means compromising your style.

With an innovative Dual Hinge system, you can adjust positioning to get the best angle and most compact arrangement, and even create a built-in stand for stand-alone placement in front of or beside the screen.

With two microphones and a unique lens cover for extra privacy, the STC3000 shows minimal design at its best.

The simple yet eye-catching design ensures that when placed on top of or beside the television, the STC3000 complements and enhances the video calling experience.


Smart TV Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


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This sleek and Smart Wireless Keyboard is the ultimate solution for your Samsung Smart TV.

Use the multi-touch pad function to navigate, zoom in and out and scroll with hand swipes, without any need for a mouse.

It also makes using the Smart Hub Panel easy and enjoyable.

The keyboard gives access to easy access to browse and navigate through whatever you want, making life enjoyable and simple.

VG-KBD2000-XU-86-0 Cropped cropped

Enhance your Smart TV experience with the Smart Wireless Keyboard.

Accessing the internet with Smart Hub has never been easier.

You can write social network messages and emails or enter web addresses quickly, easily and comfortably.

Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity lets you get connected with no hassle and type from wherever you want, whether you need to be at your desk or relaxing on the sofa.

Free yourself from cables with wireless typing.

* Screen image pictured is representation and may not reflect actual user interface.

VG-KBD2000-XU-32-0 Cropped cropped

Control multiple devices easily with keyboard

Control your Smart TV and other Samsung Smart devices with the sleek and stylish multiple device control Smart Wireless Keyboard.

Its multi-pairing functionality comes with hotkey access, which with just one click lets you pair devices, instead of doing it multiple times.

It also lets you change channels and adjust the volume easily.

With its aesthetic features and keys, this versatile and attractive keyboard makes using your Smart devices even more enjoyable and effortless.


3D TV Glasses (Battery) x2 Pack


SSG-P51002-XC-99-0 Cropped cropped

Watch your entertainment come alive with Samsung’s 3D glasses.

Featuring the fit-over design, which is perfect for users who already wear glasses, these real 3D glasses with their stylish design will be noticeably more comfortable and will deliver an even better 3D experience.

And with a battery type for extended viewing, which lasts up to 150 hours, you can now sit back in total comfort and enjoy as much 3D TV as you like.

It’s the 3D experience you’ve always wanted.

SSG-P51002-XC-95-0 Cropped cropped

Settle for nothing less than the absolute best 3D experience.

With the Advanced 3D effect, which improves LCD shutter speed, the Samsung 3D glasses SSG-5100GB deliver a 3D performance that is simply stunning.

Both lenses, right and left, work in perfect harmony and produce images that are true-to-life.

Add to this the stable connection, which keeps a safety link to your TV via RF equipment, and you are ready for a new world of entertainment.

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