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QoBuz Music Streaming FREE 1 Month Subscription

With unlimited access to 40 million tracks, unique editorial content and uncompromising sound quality: Qobuz challenges your preconceptions about streaming.

1 month free, then £19.99 per month with no minimum commitment.



  • Is the trial really free?

    Yes. You get a one-month, free trial subscription to Qobuz Hi-Fi. In exchange, we do ask you to provide a valid payment method, but your account will not be charged before the end of the free trial period.

  • Is there a minimum commitment?

    No. You can cancel your subscription at any time, even during the trial period – in which case you will continue to enjoy the benefits until the trial expires.

  • Can I import my playlists from other services?

    Yes. Use the excellent to transfer your playlists and favourites from any streaming service you like – then just experience the Qobuz difference for yourself 😉

  • Is the audio quality genuinely better?

    Yes. Qobuz Hi-Fi enables you to listen to 100% of our catalogue in CD quality (16-bit FLAC encoding @ 44.1 kHz). This is a lossless compression format with sound quality that is significantly better than traditional MP3s. You will hear the difference even without high-end Hi-Fi kit.

  • Can I listen offline?

    Yes. You can import your music to listen offline in all our smartphone, desktop and tablet apps, in the quality of your choice (CD for audio quality, MP3 to save storage space).

  • Why should I choose Qobuz?

    Qobuz is the only streaming service to offer a different approach to online music. With unique editorial articles, recommendations from human beings, original album reviews, and carefully created artist portraits, as well as access to millions of different album booklets – not forgetting the uncompromising sound quality.


Qobuz is compatible with many wireless music systems like these below.


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