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Bose® SoundLink® on-ear Bluetooth® headphones


All music. No wires.

Cut the cord and set your music free with the first on-ear wireless headphones from Bose.

The sound is powerful and clear, you can switch easily between music and calls with intuitive controls, and play for hours with a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

They’re 40% lighter than comparable headphones for a comfortable fit.

So it’s easier than ever for you to unplug and unwind.

  • Best-in-class performance for wireless headphones
  • Lightweight on-ear fit you can wear comfortably all day
  • Easy to use Bluetooth® controls on headphones for music and calls
  • Up to 15 hours of play time with rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Helpful voice prompts for setup and everyday use

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Better sound, unplugged

Get ready for performance that raises the bar for Bluetooth® headphones.

Detailed and balanced sound you can enjoy everywhere you go.

Bose® TriPort® technology works with Active EQ to deliver music as dynamic as our best wired headphones.

You’ll hear the deepest lows to the clearest highs, without a wire in sight.

Power to spare

With up to 15 hours of play time, you can listen to your favourite music, watch a movie, check out videos and still have plenty of power left.

Get a full charge in just 1.5 hours by plugging the included USB cable into a wall charger or any device with a USB port.

If the battery runs down, a quick 15-minute charge gives you another 2 hours.

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Designed for you

The adjustable headband rests gently on your head, and ear cups rotate for a personalised fit.

Soft cushions cradle your ears, and all materials are lightweight and built to last.

The ear cups fold up to store in the compact carrying case.

And there’s an extra cable, so you can plug in and listen if the battery runs out.

Fingertip controls

Get a call while you’re listening to music or watching a video?

Just touch a button on the right ear cup and you’re instantly connected.

Touch again to play, pause, skip and make calls. Roam up to 9 metres while connected to your smartphone and tablet at the same time.

Voice prompts tell you battery life, connection status and who’s calling.

So you can leave your smartphone in your pocket—or all the way across the room.

Hear and be heard

Phone conversations are clear with SoundLink® on-ear headphones—even if you’re on a noisy or windy city street.

Dual microphones reduce background noise to make sure your voice is heard.

And you’ll hear your caller’s voice clearly, because Bose® technologies automatically adjust your headphones’ volume as the noise around you changes.


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  • Height: 18.00 cm
  • Width: 14.00 cm
  • Depth: 6.00 cm
  • Weight: 152.60 g
  • Length of audio cable: 120 cm
  • Length of USB cable: 33.4 cm

Carrying case

  • Height: 12.80 cm
  • Width: 12.80 cm
  • Depth: 5.80 cm

Included items

  • SoundLink® on-ear headphones
  • 120 cm audio cable
  • 33.4 cm USB cable
  • Carrying case

Additional details

  • Wireless range: 9 m
  • Battery life: Up to 15 hours
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours for full charge
  • Quick charge: 15 minutes for 2 hours

Price List

  • Both Colours £179.95

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